1. Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Brief Description

Machinery Breakdown Insurance offers you financial protection in case your machine suffers accidental, electrical and machinery breakdown requiring repairs and/or replacement. Machinery Breakdown Insurance covers all types of Industrial equipment like Turbines, Compressors, Generators, Transformers, Rectifiers, Electric Motors, Diesel Engines, Pumps, Wind Mills, etc.

Covered Risks

All kinds of Accidental, Electrical and Mechanical Breakdown due to internal causes, external causes, operational deficiencies and human errors. Internal damage due to faulty material, defects in casting, faulty construction, overheating of parts, short circuit, faulty erection, disruption in case of rotating bodies due to centrifugal forces, failure of operations of safety devices etc. External causes include collision or impact from lifting machines or cranes, accidental falls during shifting Major.


Damage due to any cause for which the manufacturer and/or supplier is responsible. Overloading operations, experiments. Gradually developing flaws, defects, cracks etc. willful act or gross negligence of Insured or his responsible representative.

Any type of consequential loss.


  • Particulars of cover liability and exclusion given above are not complete or exhaustive.
  • Our nearest Branch Office may be approached for complete details.

2. Boilers and Pressure Vessels Insurance

Boilers, steam apparatus and other pressure vessels may be insured on its own through the Boiler Explosion policy. A boiler stores up substantial energy, which on being released by explosion, can cause extensive damage and sometimes bodily injury.

Scope of Cover

The policy is designed to cover explosion (the sudden and violent rending or tearing apart of the permanent structure of a boiler or other apparatus by force of internal steam or fluid pressure) and collapse (the sudden and dangerous distortion of any part of a boiler or other apparatus by bending or crushing caused by steam or fluid pressure).
Among covers provided by the policy are damage to the boiler or other apparatus described in the schedule, damage to auxiliaries and surrounding property e.g. buildings and machinery, liability of the Insured at law for fatal or non-fatal injuries sustained by any non-employee, liability of the Insured at law for damage to property belonging to third parties
General policy exclusions include defects due to wearing away or wasting of materials, grooving or fracturing whether by leakage corrosion or by fuel action, failure of individual tubes in boilers of water tube, damage to Insured’s property caused by fire whether resulting from explosion or any other cause whatsoever, loss sustained by stoppage of work, loss or damage arising out of hurricane, cyclone or other convulsion of nature, any kind of consequential losses.

3. Contractors All Risk Insurance (CAR)

4. Erection All Risk Insurance (EAR)

5. Deterioration OF Stock Insurance (DOS)

6. Power Plant Insurance


  • Our nearest Branch Office may be approached for complete details.